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Michelle Leon Tepetate

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Leon and I am a junior majoring in biology. I graduated from Countryside High school in Clearwater, Florida. During my time in high school, I was a part of a STEM program. Since then, I have been interested in the STEM field and promoting awareness for STEM education. I have enjoyed many classes at UCF so far, but my favorite class was Calculus 2 with Dr. Song. I took Dr. Song’s Calculus 1 class and had the best time taking the class. I became very good friends with my professor by visiting and seeking help when I needed it. I even visit her now! My time in Calculus 2 was very eye opening because I learned there is more to just taking required classes and earning a grade. I took Calculus 2 because I genuinely want to learn calculus. This brings me to a strong piece of advice, I recommend everyone to seek help when they need it by going to tutoring, office hours, or anything along those lines and to do things you are passionate about! I have learned that taking advantage of the resources available pays off in the long run. I chose to be a part of STEM Ambassadors because students need to know their choices, especially young girls. STEM is very important to me because I have many younger female cousins that are not aware of the possibilities in the STEM field. I want to be a mentor for those who were like me before I learned about the opportunities in STEM. Besides schoolwork, I spend my free time volunteering at Pet Alliance. My time with dogs consists of playing, walking, and trying to find them forever homes! I also love to spend time with family and my own dog when I have any chance to go back home.