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Emin Mammadzada

My name is Emin. I am a senior majoring in Computer Science at UCF. I am an international student and I have graduated from high school in my home country, Azerbaijan.

Before starting my Bachelor’s degree, I was not planning on doing Computer Science because I found it hard and only for gifted people. However, my parents persuaded me to give a STEM degree a chance and try my best to see if I like it, and 4 years later, I can confidently say that was one of the best decisions of my life.

The reason I joined STEM ambassadors program is to demonstrate to the upcoming generation of students that regardless of what challenges or fears you have or anticipate, with supportive community of professors, fellow students, etc. you can achieve success in any field, even in STEM, which is considered traditionally to be more challenging. I believe I could give back by giving others the advice and mentorship I got from my mother when I was in high school, demonstrating that you can discover your interests late in your academic or professional career but still succeed if you are willing to put in the work