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Jasmin Martinez-Rodriguez

Hi! My name is Jasmin Martinez-Rodriguez, and I’m currently a junior pursuing a major in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology. I’m originally from Polk County, Florida. I graduated in May 2020 from Auburndale Senior High School. I participated in the medical program offered at my high school all four years and this had led me to pursue a career within the medical field.

My favorite class thus far would have to be Human Anatomy. The body is such a complex structure and actions you’d consider easy are quite complicated internally!

I decided to get involved with the STEM ambassador program because I’m quite fond of the academic disciplines which make up STEM. These courses continue to advance as time progresses and there is so much to learn and share. Being a STEM Ambassador has given me the opportunity to share this knowledge and passion of mine to students all over Central Florida!

Some words of wisdom I would give to future STEM students, and as cheesy as it sounds, is just to believe in yourself. STEM is not easy by any means but when there is dedication there is perseverance.

In my free time, you could find me in bed three seasons into a random television show, shopping, possibly at the gym, or grabbing food with friends!