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Bianca Meléndez Nieves

Hello! My name is Bianca Meléndez Nieves and I am a Senior majoring in Biology with a Pre-Health track & a minor in Health Services Administration.

I graduated from a school back home in Puerto Rico, Wesleyan Academy, where I enrolled at Pre-K grade level! I transferred to UCF in my Junior year after hurricane Maria struck our island. Since then, UCF has opened many doors for me, one of which is the STEM Ambassador Program.

Even though my major is Biology, I love my Chemistry classes and professors! I took General and Organic Chemistry at my previous institution, University of Puerto Rico, and both my professors were truly inspiring individuals who made the classes even more interesting.

I decided to become a STEM Ambassador because it is a wonderful opportunity to give back. Throughout my academic odyssey, I have truly come to value good mentorship. I wish to provide the next generation of STEM students the same help and inspiration I was given.

To all of you current and aspiring STEM students: it’s not as difficult as it may seem! There is a whole community waiting to guide you through the process, never be afraid of asking for help. Even though you will probably spend many nights of studying, you will still have your “me” time. Whenever I’m not trying to memorize my Bio book, I am spending time with my family or friends, reading Harry Potter or being a couch potato while watching scary movies.