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Anthony Meola

My name is Anthony Meola, and I am a 2nd year Industrial Engineering major with a focus in Engineering Leadership. I was home schooled through Circle Christian School in Winter Park, Florida.

My favorite professor at UCF is Dr. Pamela Thomas. I started off the course struggling, yet she helped enable me to turn the course around and obtain a good grade in the course. Yes, it is possible to recover from failure!

I decided to get involved as a STEM Ambassador because there were not a lot of STEM opportunities as a home school student. There are not enough resources available for students at a young age in our current education system, so I intend on mitigating that problem by going out and sharing the information that I have obtained.

Outside of class, I like learning about scientific discoveries, philosophical theories, and project management. As for fun pastimes, I love scuba-diving and playing video games!

My biggest advice is to diversify yourself. There is a lot more to your education than learning STEM topics, by cross-referencing your knowledge and learning how to apply the concepts to reality alongside their ethical applications.