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Mehul Patel

My name is Mehul Patel, and I am an international student from Zimbabwe. I am a Junior pursing a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Central Florida.

With a driving desire to push myself beyond my boundaries to achieve a great self-standard, I tend to take on jobs that adopt the mind-set of “success”. This innovative mindset has fueled my rather powerful and undeterred work ethic as I aspire to achieve goals and targets which will develop me both personally and professionally. For instance, rigorous engineering coursework and vast project experiences have enabled for me to adapt an affinity for problem solving and mature within specialized environments.

Specific to engineering, through my involvement with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and STEM Ambassadors, I have developed abilities in 3-D design modeling in SolidWorks which greatly helps in transferring 2-D ideas into eventually working prototypes. In addition, my willingness to take on responsibility makes me a natural leader in most work environments and hence I have successfully lead three of the five projects I have participated in. Moreover, working within professional engineering chapters have immensely advanced my interpersonal and communicative skills required to flourish in modern day engineering societies. Throughout all my experiences, I believe that a dedication and commitment to the work at hand, together with an ability to prioritize competing demands translates into a positive outcome. As a result, I am eager to apply my engineering knowledge and skills to teach younger students about STEM.

My decision to become a STEM Ambassador is driven by the fact that our future will only be shaped through generations of pursuing careers in STEM. This means more younger students need the opportunity to understand what it means to be STEM major, and I would like to portray this to them through my experiences thus far. In addition, I would like to let students know that learning is one of our greatest assets and that we shouldn’t take knowledge for granted.

Outside of my professional career as a student and entrepreneur, I often indulge in sporting activities such as Cricket, Golf, weightlifting as well as doing anything outdoors.