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Brian Perez-Medina

My name is Brian, and I am currently a junior pursuing my degree in Mechanical Engineering. This year I transferred from Seminole State College and intend to finish my degree here at UCF. I’m a US Navy veteran who grew up in Puerto Rico and graduated from Trina Padilla de Sanz high school. My favorite classes are those that involve physics, because I’m interested in learning how and why objects in the universe behave the way they do.

I decided to join the Stem Ambassador Program for various reasons. Being that I am a transfer student, I saw this program as a great opportunity to connect with other students and faculty. Additionally, I am also very passionate about helping youth recognize the importance of higher education, especially STEM related subjects. I want to create an exciting experience for students that will cultivate a love for the sciences.

My word of advice for students would be to seek guidance and maintain a curiosity and inquisitiveness as they navigate their passions. It is important to research on your own, take electives, and volunteer when you can. This is a great way to set yourself up for success, as well as be confident in what your interests are.

When I am able to squeeze in some time, I enjoy listening to music, playing basketball, watching a great show, and spending time with my wife and cat.