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Alyssa Pinnock

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa Pinnock, and I am a third-year Computer Engineering student. I’m from South Florida, and I graduated in 2021 from Park Vista Community High School. My favorite class at UCF has been American History taught by Alicia Duffy. Although I love math and engineering, I also enjoy learning about the world through history. American History was such an immersive course and I loved learning through the story-like format that Professor Duffy taught in. I have had many great professors at UCF, but Professor Duffy would also have to be one of my favorites. Not only was the structure of her class immersive, but she is also a great person and truly cares about her students. You can tell she is passionate about the subject and what she does.

When I first found out about WiSTEM, I decided to be apart of it due to all that the program had to offer. I loved the idea of a mentorship program for women in STEM, and I believed that I could make a strong impact through mentoring and sharing my experiences. My first year, I didn’t have the opportunity of a mentorship program that would connect me with other women in stem, so I believe it’s an amazing opportunity for freshmen to connect with others and learn from a student who has been through it all. I’m grateful to be able to provide that experience for others, and I look forward to both the professional and social experiences that WiSTEM will provide. Outside of class, I enjoy reading books, watching sci-fi and fantasy-based movies and shows, crocheting, spending time with family and friends, and travelling to new places.

One thing I would like for incoming students to know is to take advantage of your resources! UCF offers so many opportunities to get involved and to learn more about your major/the industry, and I wish I took advantage of them in my first year. However, don’t forget to also enjoy your first year while it lasts and don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone; you never know what opportunities will come your way once you do!