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Aracelis Quinones Gonzalez

My name is Aracelis Quinones Gonzalez, and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student. I am currently pursuing a double major in Civil and Construction engineering as well as a minor in mathematics and non-profit management. I graduated class of 2018 from Cypress Creek High school right here in Orlando, Florida. Having lived in Orlando for so long, I would call myself a rollercoaster and theme park fanatic. Whenever I have any free time, I’m probably either longboarding or spending quality time with the people I love most.

I believe my favorite classes this semester would be Estimating and Scheduling and Matrix and Linear Algebra. I would definitely consider myself a math geek, so any math class usually ends up being my favorite of the semester. A class I did not see myself liking was estimating and scheduling, but my fond of this class is without a doubt attributed to the professor Amr Oloufa. His knowledge of the content and passion for the class helped me gain an appreciation for the material, even if it doesn’t include math.

I decided to join the STEM ambassadors’ program because I wanted to help kids like me, who were raised not knowing anything about STEM, gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue an education and career that they would have otherwise never thought was possible. And because of that some words of wisdom I would like to share for future STEM students is…doing something new might be difficult, but if you CHARGE ON soon enough it won’t be new to you.