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Natesha Ramdhani

Hi, I’m Natesha Ramdhani! I am currently a senior at UCF, with a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Math. I attended Timber Creek High School, where I was a part of Project Lead The Way. In this program, I discovered my love for digital logic design in circuits and learned how intriguing it can be to understand the circuits that power and control devices.

One of my favorite classes at UCF so far has been Digital Signal Processing with Dr. Chung Yong Chan. This class combined my love of learning new perspectives in mathematical analysis with my passion for digital circuits to create a new interest in processing signals: from simple switching on and off to inputs as complex as sound and images!

Aside from schoolwork, I enjoy martial arts, music, and exploring the world around me! I have been training in chito-ryu karate and other styles of martial arts for almost 16 years; currently, I have my fourth degree black belt and I am a sensei at my dojo. I love both listening to and playing music: my primary instrument is cello which I started playing almost 10 years ago. My most recent and most ambitious adventure was my spring 2020 study abroad at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England! Although my time was cut short, I was able to meet new people, gain new experiences and perspectives, and learn more about different parts of the world we live in.

As a STEM Ambassador, I have the opportunity to give back by passing on the lessons from my own mentors and show another generation that it is not only possible to be successful in STEM, but to enjoy doing it as well. I want to show future STEM students that the world of STEM welcomes them all and allows them to make a difference in the world using fields like science, math, and engineering. I want to help them learn the value of a strong support network with people who provide new perspectives and motivate you to be successful despite the challenging topics they will tackle in a STEM career. Together, we can all work to make the world a better place!