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Annabel Sachs

Hi there! My name is Annabel, and I’m a junior majoring in computer science. I graduated from Osceola Fundamental High School in 2022. Some of my hobbies include listening to music, playing video games, reading, and hanging out with friends.

At UCF, my favorite classes have been Biology I and Cinema Survey. I’ve always had a keen interest in biology, so taking it in college was really exciting for me. Cinema Survey was also a highlight because in each module, we got to watch a movie, which was a nice break from all the STEM classes I’ve taken. One of my favorite professors is Professor Pompos. I had her for Composition I and II. She was such a passionate teacher and gave excellent feedback on my writing. Her kindness and guidance really helped me improve, and I ended up enjoying writing a lot more because of her.

Reflecting on my own freshman year struggles, I decided to get involved in the WISTEM program. I wished I had a mentor during my freshman year because I found it challenging to adapt to college life. Now, I want to help others have a better experience adjusting to college so they can have a great freshman year.

My advice for first-year students is to study hard and have fun. It’s important to make time for yourself so you don’t burn out, but also make sure to stay on top of your studies. Balancing work and play is key to success in college.