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Mohtashem Samsam

Associate Professor, Medicine
HPA2 230

Dr. Mohtashem Samsam is an Associate Professor of Medicine and a faculty at the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences and College of Medicine (COM). He joined UCF in fall 2004. He is teaching anatomy, clinical neuroanatomy, and clinical neuroscience to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. Dr. Samsam studied Medicine in English language program of Albert Szent-Gorgyi Medical University, in Szeged, Hungary (1991- 1996) and received his PhD in Neurosciences from Dep. of cell biology and pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Salamanca, Spain, in 2002. He did his post-doc studies in Developmental Neurobiology in Neurology University Clinic, Wuerzburg, Germany (1999- 2002).

Publishing several articles in headache and migraine during his MD and PhD studies he continued his post-doc studies examining the mechanism of neurodegeneration in animal models of inherited peripheral neuropathies and treatment of Charcot-Marie Tooth disorders using gene therapy and alteration of immune response. His research and scholarly activities are in migraine headaches and role of inflammation in neurological and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Samsam is the Editor in Chief of Neuro-Open Journal, and an editor of several other journals.

Dr. Samsam has developed several courses at undergraduate and graduate levels at UCF, and as a member of curriculum planning committee he was heavily involved in the development of many of the medical courses for LCME accreditation in 2006-2007. His research in education focuses on curriculum alignment between educational levels especially at the undergraduate to graduate/professional schools levels.  He is very interested in development undergraduate and graduate programs, development of bridge programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. He is also very interested in development of teacher’s educational programs in biomedical sciences and is involved in UCF summer educational programs for high school students.