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Nino Stea

Hi there! I am a Senior Environmental Engineering student at UCF. Although I enjoyed many of the environmental engineering classes, one of my favorites at UCF was a Chemistry II class. I loved the material because it unlocks the doors to knowledge on how the world around us works; from why our cans of fizzy drinks pop if left in a trunk on a hot summer day, to how scientists know that the universe is expanding.

I joined the STEM Ambassador program to share with others as to why I think the environment engineering rocks. In addition, I would like to aid the youth in finding their call and help them realize how important STEM fields are.

A small advice for future STEM students is that as my senior design professor would tell me, keep working hard, be confident and BELIEVE in yourself!

Outside school, I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes from different corners of the world, hanging out with friends and family, and going out for brunch. If I have to choose which cuisine is my favorite, I would say Georgian cuisine.