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Ariana Stratton

Hello! I’m Ariana, and I’m a junior majoring in Chemistry. I graduated from Winter Springs High School where my love of science and chemistry began to grow. Some of my favorite classes that I have taken at UCF are Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 because they describe the processes and molecules that affect our everyday life. This also includes the less thought of scents and flavors that we find in everything that we eat and drink, which I personally find fascinating. I hope to one day work in the food industry creating new and exciting flavors of currently loved products such as Coca Cola!

In high school, I was fortunate that I had dedicated and passionate teachers that encouraged students to be involved and interested in STEM fields. Specifically, it was my chemistry teachers who acted as my mentors and truly motivated me to further pursue chemistry. I chose to become a STEM Ambassador to share my love of science and to hopefully inspire someone the same way that my teachers inspired me.

When I’m not in class or doing homework, I enjoy going to Disney and Universal with friends, watching movies, and watching college football. Go Knights!