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Benny Tang

I’m currently a junior at UCF pursuing an Industrial Engineering major. I’m from Pembroke Pines and I graduated from Charles W. Flanagan High School. My favorite classes at UCF were Quality Engineering with Dr. Richard Biehl and Engineering Economics with Mark Calabrese. These two classes taught me the most about industrial engineering and gave me the best skills to use in my internships and research. I decided to get involved with the STEM Ambassador program because I really enjoy working with young individuals. Being able to help guide them towards a career towards STEM is extremely rewarding for me. Some words of wisdom I can offer for future STEM students is to always sit in the front of the class and really get to know your professor on a more personal level, they can help get you involved with research or even help you get an internship in a field you want to pursue. In my free time I love to play piano and workout with my friends.