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Nora Tolba

My name is Nora Tolba and I am a computer science major. I am currently a sophmore at UCF. I graduated from Timber Creek High school in 2022. One of my favorite classes was concepts of computer science (COP2500). I enjoyed that class since it was my first ever coding class and I learned a lot from that class. My favorite professor at UCF so far is Professor James Clark. He teaches American history. I had him for a 3-hour class once a week and I went every week because of how entertaining his class was. He is passionate about what he teaches and engaged with the whole class to make it more enjoyable. The reason why I chose to participate in this program is to help my future mentees to have a safe space where they feel seen and motivated to be the best versions of themselves. I wish I could have discovered this program while being a first-year student. I don’t think I would have struggled as much as I have, especially being completely new to the field and having no coding experience. It’s ok to struggle in any STEM major, it’s a part of the process. It’s important to know that you’re not alone and that everyone goes through
something similar throughout their college experience. In my free time I like to do arts and crafts like drawing, ceramics, and painting.