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Erick Vasquez


Hello to whom this may reach, most people call me Erick but I’m not opposed to any nicknames if you have any. I am mechanical engineering student at the University of Central Florida and have lived in Orlando for most of my life. I plan to graduate Fall 2021, but things could change.

Favorite class so far? I would have to say was Dynamics. Although there have been a lot of interesting classes I’ve taken, I would say that the topics in that class have gotten the most attention from me.

Being a Stem Ambassador comes with its own rewards. I am given the opportunity to collaborate with students from all sorts of fields to contribute to our community in the best way we can with our own knowledge and experiences. Being able to help other student actively pursue their curiosity and our shared interest in science/mathematics is a reward in itself that I still can’t explain.

For anyone seeking or thinking about pursuing a future in STEM, here are a couple tips:

STUDY SMART – Learn the best way you know how to or develop a new method to help better retain knowledge.

STUDY YOUR INTERESTS – There is no point in studying something if that means forcing yourself to learn something you don’t find interesting at all. Choose something that peaks your curiosity, that is the best method I find that allows me learn efficiently.

DON’T GIVE UP – It is only human to make mistakes and have setbacks, but even so the most helpful actions in those moments are being able to get up, learn, and keep going.

WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE …..that’s it… please it is very easy to overwork yourself.

PeRsOnAl LiFe? WhAt? WhO? I’m kidding. I typically spend my free time either on a computer or out with friends (more computer during COVID). But inside or outside, I always have my music playing and jamming the day away.