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Jamieleigh Wilkins

My name is Jamie Wilkins and I am Mechanical Engineering major here at UCF. I am currently a Junior and have a Finance Minor. I am from Tampa, Florida and graduated from East Bay High School in Gibsonton, Florida. I decided to go for the STEM Ambassador Program because I like engineering and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I want people to know that if you love your major you’re on the right track. Just because people say it’s hard or has no job market doesn’t mean you shouldn’t major in it. I want people to see that and go for major or job they want. I am currently trying to spread STEM all around Orlando. My job is working for After School Programs teaching STEM to elementary school kids. With STEM ambassadors I can spread it to middle and high school students. One thing I am very excited for, as a engineering student, is taking Thermodynamics, it was my favorite subject from chemistry and I got so excited when I saw there’s a class for it. To relax I like to build roller coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon or read mystery novels. My advice to all STEM majors is that you can fail and give up or you can fail and stand up. These STEM subjects will be in our lives for the rest of our work years, take the challenge and learn from your failures. That is what makes us great STEM majors.