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Kaleigh Yohn

Hello! I’m Kaleigh Yohn, an aspiring Family Physician, a Junior here at UCF, majoring in Biomedical Sciences, with additional focus on a Medical Sociology and Health Sciences Minors. I am a UCF and Orlando native, graduating from University High School, a few miles away from the main campus, with honors and an IB diploma. It was there that my lifelong love of STEM came to a head when some high school experiences and helping a loved one, made me realize my interest and love for medicine, a path have enjoyed and grown with ever since.

Some of my best class experiences so far here at UCF would have to include my time in the lecture halls of Dr. Samsam, Dr. White, Dr. Ahangari, Professor Thomas and the lab of Professor Wilson. The incredible anatomy courses led by Dr. Samsam and physiology courses led by Dr. Ahangari are truly why I came to UCF, he instructs students not only on our future medical knowledge but how to practice with care, accuracy and great respect for both medicine and all those involved especially our patients. Dr. White along with Dr. Ambivero and Professor Wilson, bring so much knowledge and passion for every bit of Microbiology, that I too fell in love with this incredible branch of science and continue to learn more about the field long after the class. Lastly my first science course at UCF was Bio 1 with Dr. Thomas, years later I still recommend her, and remember the comprehensible, passionate, knowledgeable and incredible foundation she helped to foster in her students both STEM and non-STEM focus, a foundation I am truly grateful she helped me to build.

I decided to become involved in the STEM Ambassador program, after my first STEM day as a volunteer. I had hoped to get involve with a STEM organization when I first started at UCF, and when I saw all that these great ambassadors do and the incredible impact they are able to have on each person, I knew it was something I needed be a part of.  I hope to help others find a love of STEM, realize they too can have a place in STEM and help give students the same and greater exposure to some of the very things that help lead me to have such passion and love for STEM.

Some words of wisdom I’d be happy to impart to future STEM students, is to remember every journey is its own, and that you will have your moment with hard work, kindness and when it is your time. Trust in your instincts, follow what will make you a happy and healthy person, that follows their passion, but one who is open to advice, growth, and is prepared for that path. Lastly always take the time to have actual conversations with your advisors and professors, because they have a wealth of knowledge and are there to help you become greater than you already are.

When I’m not studying, I love listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching movies and cooking with my dad, volunteering and traveling.