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Researchers at UCF’s Institute for Simulation and Training and Indiana University are looking for parents and their children (age 11-13 years) to take part in a study exploring perspectives on family social media sharing. Our goal is to better understand how families feel about online photo sharing and identify the conversations they would like to engage in about this topic. We welcome parents and children as valued contributors to important scientific research.

Type of Study: If you and your child (age 11-13 years) are selected, you will each participate in a 45–60-minute interview online or at the UCF campus.

Compensation: Your child will receive a science enamel pin and a $10 gift certificate, and you will receive a $20 gift certificate upon completion of the interview sessions.

How to participate: If you and your child are interested in participating, please fill out the brief 2-minute questionnaire at If you qualify, we will contact you to schedule a study session. You are also welcome to contact us via email <>.