Exploring Science Technology Engineering and Math


2019-2020 SECME Guidelines

  • Due to limited space and a large number of participating schools, a maximum of 15 students per school may attend the Regional Competition at UCF.
  • Students may participate in a maximum of 3 events on the day of the Regional Competition (Banner, Essay, Poster, Math, Energy Transfer Machine, and Codecraft Computer Programming do not count towards the 3 events).

National Events

The 2019-2020 National Guidelines were updated on October 29th. Please logon to your account with the SECME National Office to access the guidelines.

Essay Competition

  • Grades K-2 Vision Board Only
  • Grades 3-12 Essay and Vision Board
  • Only 1 student per essay/vision board and maximum 5 essays/vision boards per school
  • Entries submitted prior to Regional Competition (see dates to the right)


Mousetrap Car Competition


Water Rocketry Competition

  • Must have 3 students per team and maximum 2 teams per elementary school or 3 teams per middle/high school
  • Some components submitted prior to Regional Competition (see dates to the right)
  • Train the Trainer Presentation: Water Bottle Rocketry – A Beginner’s Guide

Local Events

Banner Competition


Bridge Competition


Codecraft Computer Programming Competition (New competition task for Middle and High Schools!)


Egg Drop Competition


Energy Transfer Machine Competition


Glider Competition


Math Competition


Poster Competition


*Guidelines page updated 10/30/19